I went to Ibiza & somehow I am Alive





It’s been literally ages. I was completely swept up into a Copenhagen/Spain/Western Denmark whirlwind coma or culture shock, adjustment, and straight up neglect for my blog. It’s been a few damn weeks, some real insane weeks to be exact.

I have now completely adapted to my class schedule and it’s BEYOND. I get to wake up early and have coffee and do yoga and go to the gym ALL BEFORE CLASS EVEN BEGINS because I don’t start til 1pm. It’s a true blessing. Thank god I am a morning human and not one of those losers who sleep until clear through the 4th hour of the Today Show (AKA the best hour because Hoda and Kathie Lee DUHHH).

Anyways, I am thriving here in the Dane world and recently had many occurrences so I will summarize them all in a few shorts poems for you now. Couplets??? Haiku??? idk fuck off. Just kidding read them. Whatever.


Cler. From Sweden she came.

By train.

We squeezed into twin bed



Fuck Mike Posner jk fuck Miami Ohio girls

so many people. so many drugs

they eat ham in spain

paris hilton glow sticks. chic.

Western Denmark




the little mermaid.

The end.





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