Prams, Girls, and Culture Shock


Well I am fully immersed in the and of Dane! JK I am not at all. It’s very odd here but I strangely love it. Some days are harder than others, I feel jet lag delay and very exhausted sometimes and it gets the best of me. But other days I feel empowered and energized to take on anything. Like a whole bottle of champagne on a boat in Nyhavn Harbour!!!!!!!!!!

I am so lucky to have a living situation that is amazing. I love my roomie Chloe, and the girls on our floor are phenom, so sweet and fun. I was blessed to be in Amagerbrogade (pronounced AH-ma-bro-gell).

Being here is a dream come true, the city is gorgeous (THE CANAL WOW) and everything isĀ  learning experience. But it’s made me realize I love being abroad and deciding nw things, thinking globally and for myself, and being outside a tight comfort zone. Tighter than Betty White is to her Plastic Surgeon (how is she still alive like lmk Betts).

One interesting thing I have found here is the girls, aside from my floor, there are some real bitches here. Mainly from G-town (lol ironic isn’t it??? follows you even to another country) and Tulane. it isnt that they are bad…. its just that they have no desire to befirend anyone who isnt from their school and that kinda makes me sad. But oh well, I think I sorta get insecure sometimes about other people i don’t know.

Luckily I have an AMAZE floor and the girls are so great. Not all of them but most of them that aren’t rude Tulane/Gtown cuz for some reason I have encountered some total psychos from there and I am not responsive to their situation or even the slightest bit amused.

Also people here have no idea where the fuck they are going on bikes or feet or in cars or in these weird homeless carts that people seem to think is cute to throw your little blonde kids in and cal it a day. And the BABIES. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. PRAMS EVERYWHERE. No one here uses real strollers because they have all decided it;s 1945 and we all must use carriages like we are the baby prince George or the Von Trapps who knows it’s strange.

Been having some issues with classes, stupid stressful moments over my gpa and classes but I am fixing it. Confused. Apparently I can graduate in 2017 according to Melanie my advisor back at AU, but she’s sorta crazy so who really knows????????

Things to note:

can’t find coffee creamer

found pink ladies

need pillows and gym membership and clothes

miss saki



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