It’s only 4 days left until I leave Bend, OR and embark on my abroad adventure! I still can’t really believe that this is actually happening and in a few more days I’ll be fully moved into my apartment in Copenhagen with some girl I don’t really know. Scratch that, I don’t know her at all and judging by my luck in Freshman year, I have horrendous track records with room mates. Also she is a KD so I am hoping that my love for Laura Conway will bring my better luck from the Kappa Delta gods or something.

I have yet to even touch a suitcase *oops* and I don’t even really know what I need to pack at this point in time, so I am obviously a very prepared traveler! All I can think about is just getting there and figuring out my new life and finding a good cafe and place to get wine. And also wishing it was acceptable to pack that margarita mix that me and my mom found that is like negative 5000 calories. No more getting hammered at Geoffs happy hours and pretending to be from Illinois at the Berks Liquor Store, I am like a full-fledged grown up now! Except not really because that would be gross and I don’t know what taxes are exactly yet so whatever.

*Note to self* Be classier abroad, I just re-read this and cringed and the mediocre glass of Chardonnay in my hand shook. Also maybe I should take a course in writing because my sentence formatting is total shit. I hope I pick up cool European phrases and words but not go as far as Madonna and pretend to be a tacky Brit transfer student.

Things to do:

basically everything


stress out

hug Saki 65 times



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